Assignment 2: Due March 27, 2014

Assignment 2, Readings in Film in Television 3410B (Cinema in the Digital Age)

Prof. Janine Marchessault Email:


For the second assignment, you are asked to analyze one work of digital media seen in the course. Thus far, we have been examining the characteristics of different digital media technologies and their ontological consistencies. Analyze *one work seen in class, paying careful attention to how media technologies have reconfigured space-time—whether this is a narrative film, an experimental animation, a YouTube video, a game, or a database narrative. Consider what approach to authorship went into the work: collaborative, collective or singular? For example, Douglas Gordon and Phillippe Parreno’s Zidane involved 17 cinematographers in the act of capturing a game in time. What are the implications of their methodology for authorship? Examine the Eames’ film The Powers of 10 in terms of global media images—what kind of ontology does it propose? How might this compare to google earth? The form of the database in Florian Thalhofer and Berke Bas Planet Galata or Brenda Longfellow’s Offshore documentary opens the work out to new kinds of collaboration in that every spectator makes their own story. How is collaboration defined and what might be the implications for the future of cinematic authorship? What are some of the fundamental aesthetic considerations of the work in terms of how Gene Youngblood defined them in “Cinema and the Code”? How does the work engage with immediacy, hypermediacy or remediation as defined by Bolter and Grusin?

Focus on the form of the object you have chosen to analyze and use examples as evidence to back up your claims. Theoretical material for the most part, should be confined to course readings, and used to frame your argument.

Students wishing to produce a research creation media project must write a short proposal and email it to the Course Director ( by March 13th. Creative projects must be accompanied by a 500-word description explaining what insights were garnered from the project.

*While you should select something that was shown in class, it cannot be chosen from your own presentation.

This is a short essay—4-6 pages double-spaced. Observe all MLA conventions for citations and include a Works Cited section in accordance with the MLA Handbook (6th or 7th edition). The paper should be typed and formatted according to the MLA style, including 1” margins, double-spacing, and 12 point font. Your essays should be well articulated and researched with respect to your topic. Grammar and spelling should be error free—part of your grade will take this into account.

Please submit your essay through the York Moodle course site by 5PM on MARCH 27th, 2014. If you are unable to do that, please submit your paper at the end of class on that date. The evaluation schema falls into four categories: your argument or thesis (5 points); presentation and organization of material (5 points); the way you use the selected film/media as evidence for your argument (5 points); incorporation of readings (5 points).


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