Week 2

Kracauer – Inherent Affinities

Serge Daney

Myth of Total Cinema

Bazin – Evolution of Language in Cinema

Week 3

Lev Manovich – What is Digital Cinema?

You can read it here.

Lev Manovich. The Language of New Media. Cambridge: MIT Press,
2001. 293-333.  York U ebook

Week 4

Rodowick – What Was Cinema?

Special Note: The “What Was Cinema?” pdf is built out of order. Rely on the page numbers at the top right (starting from page 25 onwards) or rely on the page numbers as indicated by your software (page 1 onwards). You can navigate the pdf carefully, re-order it with pdf software (if you have), or you can print it out and re-order it manually.

Cavell – Automatism

Youngblood – Cinema and the Code

(Suggested) Carroll – Medium Specificity (York Library E-book)

Week 5

Jay David Bolter & Richard Grusin – Remediation (York Library E-book)

Rodowick – The Virtual Life of Film

Martine Beugnet & Elizabeth Ezra – A Portrait of the 21st Century

Thomas Elsaesser – Afterword: Digital Cinema and the Apparatus (Suggested)

Stanley Cavell, “The Fact of Television”, Daedalus 111:4, 75-96, reprinted in Themes Out of  School.

Week 6

Marshall Mcluhan – Understanding Media

Marsha Kinder – Narrative Equivocations Between Movies and Games

Mackenzie Wark – Gamer Theory

Sabinne Himmelsbach – The Interactive Potential of Distributed Networks (Suggested)

Week 7

Maja Manojlovic – Demonlover

Elijah Horwatt – New Media Resistance

Henry Jenkins – Worship at the Altar of Convergence

Henry Jenkins – Nine Propositions

Scott Mackenzie – The Horror (suggested)

Espen Aarseth – Game Studies (suggested)

Week 8

Reading Week

Week 9 (Games)



Thomas Elsaesser – The Mind Game Film

Gene Youngblood – Synaesthetic Cinema (read chapter entitled Synaesthetic Cinema)

William Buckland – Making Sense of Lost Highway

Espen Aarseth – Ergodic Literature (suggested)

Week 10

Locative Media, Ronald Lenz

Mary Ann Doane – Location of the Image

Elizabeth Cowie – On Documentary

Dale Hudson & Patricia Zimmerman – Cinephilia, Technophilia, and Collaborative Remix Zones

Week 11

Anna Munster – Welcome to Google Earth


Longing Susan Stewart “The Gigantic”

Haidee Wasson – The Networked Screen

Gene Youngblood – Expanded Cinema (suggested)

Janine Marchessault – Multi-screen and Future Cinema (suggested)

Week 12

Wendy chun-reading Enduring Ephemeral

Hito Steyerl – Politics of the Archive

Week 13

Jacques Ranciere – The Emancipated Spectator

Stephanie Marriott – Audience of One

Francesco Casetti – Filmic Experience